The internet is a tsunami of bullshit. A perfect storm of anonymous geeks and gurus cloaked in anonymity, offering their investment advice, sharing their self-proclaimed expertise to n00bs who naively believe the get-rich-quick snake oil elixir these carnival barkers are selling.  Even a casual observer of social media can see that we’ve reached critical mass: there are now more real estate gurus than there are properties to buy and sell.  Stop the effing insanity!

Ponder this:  how does someone who claims to be running a vast real estate empire, buying, selling, flipping, and rehabbing properties on a daily basis, how does this individual still find the time to lord over Facebook groups, become a YouTube and Instagram sensation, and hold weekend bootcamps and seminars?  Some might say said guru isn’t actually, you know, investing.  Instead, they’re selling their get-rich-quick dreams to a gullible public.  The common theme?  Real estate is a dangerous minefield that you cannot possibly navigate on your own.  But they know the path; they have the answers.  And you’re in luck because they’re willing to share their secrets with you. . .for a price, of course.  That price?  $10K?  $25K?  Hell, why not $40K?!  Just how gullible are you?  Stop the damn insanity! 

There’s a better way to learn how to invest with lease options, and packing 50 people in a hotel banquet room ain’t that way.  (Insider’s secret:  90% of seminar attendees never buy a property).  Neither is a $2500 package of six shiny DVDs and a pile of manuals.  Book smarts make interesting dinner conversation; street smarts make money.  The only effective way to learn this business is the way I learned and the way I teach:  One-on-One Training.  Investing in real estate isn’t the domain of the gifted.  I’ve been doing this since the early '90s and no one has ever said my name and the word genius in the same sentence.  So if a mook* from New Yawk can do this, you can, too.  What you get. . .

1)  Personalized One-on-One Training with me via phone, text, and email on an unlimited, as needed basis for 6 months.  You'll be marketing within a week and making offers a few days later.

2)  The very contracts and agreements we use in our deals are included for you to use in your deals.

3)  Suffering from Paralysis of Analysis?  Of course you are.  Every n00b is infected.  I’ll make what appears complex easy to understand.  Including a complete overview of all the different types of lease option strategies, and there are many:  sandwich leases, cooperative assignments, retail and wholesale assignments, pure options, and hybrids.  You’ll soon know and understand lease options better than 95% of everyone out there.

4)  Learn how to do deals that are risk free; deals that require only $5 out-of-pocket; deals that don’t require you to go hat-in-hand begging for financing; deals that never require your personal credit to be involved.

5)  It doesn’t matter if you’re the brightest guy in the room.  If no one knows who you are and how you can help them, you won’t make a dime.  In a word, marketing.  The full spectrum, from fast and free to direct mail, we’ll cover it.

6)  Afraid of the phone?  Of course you are.  What new kid on the block isn’t?  We'll work on this important aspect of your business. 

7)  Your goal is my goal:  to get you from where you are today, thinking and talking about real estate, to where you want to be:  making offers and investing in real estate

8)  The cost?  Only $1885, all inclusive.  No additional charges of any kind, ever.  My manual, my contracts and agreements, my full support.  Oh, and I’ll refund the cost of the program in full when you complete your first deal!  Contact me for details.

Interested?  Great. But before you contact me I want to tell you what you should already know.  This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.  It requires effort and time.  Are you curious or serious?  I limit the number of students I work with at any one time to only 4 or 5.  More than that I’m not able to provide you the time you need while still running my own business.  Yes, I still do the very deals I teach and that you'll be learning to do.  So if you’re serious, if you’re ready to begin, feel free to contact me at and we can set a time to talk.

*   (I would prefer to be #2)


I just want to thank you for all your help and coaching! Cannot say enough about your One on One coaching and mentoring. You are always a phone call away and get back to me to help on deals that I am working on. Thanks to you I closed my first lease option deal and made a profit of 1500.00 on this small deal! I know now that I can make as little or as much on these deals as I want with the time I put in! Anyone can call me to ask question about your mentoring program! You have a reasonable cost for your course and mentoring that does not cause the student to go into a big hole like some other courses that I tried and could not get the teacher on the phone like you! Thanks always!


The Naked Investor has done all it promised. I have learned and burned through most of these posts. All my questions are addressed and handled in a professional manner. I have gained residual income and everyday am getting closer to my goals for financial independence. This site is full of great people willing and eager to help. Since I bought the manual my knowledge and income have grown tenfold. It’s the creating something out of nothing that keeps me saying WOW, this is real stuff. Real estate has always been my dream and this has given me the vehicle to do it. Last but not least, making the decision to buy The Naked Investor manual has been priceless to me and well worth what I paid for it.


Michael's coaching has been invaluable. We had already spent over $20k in "education", but we didn't see a single dollar until we got Michael on our team. His counsel on everything from contracts to marketing to speaking with buyers and sellers has led us to tens of thousands in profits (in just the first year!), and best of all, he's always available. Without Michael's mentorship we definitely would have given up and never realized our dream of owning a successful real estate business.

Jennifer & ChristianCA

I've been seeking real estate investor knowledge for years. Most of what I find is full of hype or sales pitches to sell more products. Michael Carbonare does not fill his "Naked Investor" course with fluff nor does he promise "pie in the sky sales pitches." What he does offer is a no nonsense approach to lease options that is understandable by anyone. I went on to purchase his mentor program and have had the pleasure of meeting him in person. He is just a regular guy with a passion for lease options. He is incredibly accessible and approachable and wants to help you do what it takes to help you succeed. If you are looking for a no nonsense approach to understanding and putting into practice the business of lease options, his manual is a wonderful starting point. If you are looking for advanced training/mentoring, you couldn't pick a nicer guy to hold your hand every step of the way.


Before I discovered the Naked Investor I had maxed out the number of rental properties I could buy using bank loans. I hit the wall. I knew there had to be a better, more creative way to obtain investment properties with no money down, using none of my own credit, and no banks; but I really didn’t know how. Lease Purchasing sounded good, but I only knew enough to be dangerous. That was well over 10+ years ago when I joined the Forum and purchased the Naked Investor Manual, and nothing has been the same since. In fact, I was laid off my corporate job 6 years ago and was forced to become a full time real estate investor. Yes a full timer, doing Lease Purchasing the way I learned from the Naked Investor. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was and still am today totally excited about what I do and the freedom I have every single day.
The Naked Investor and Michael Carbonare is like a partner in your business. If I would get stuck on what to do next, or have a question, I could go to Michael and receive a straight answer that made sense and worked. Not like some of the unclear opinions you get from other forums out there. This was different, simple, with street smarts. The manual is real world, easily understood and it takes you through every step in the process. It’s like your bible for Lease Purchasing. When starting out, I would keep it on my desk with pages marked to remind me what to say and ask when speaking on the phone. Later it becomes memorized and natural. The agreements and forms have proven to stand up and protect me in my deals. If I had to do it over, I would jump right into the Mentoring program to get Michael’s unique one-on-one training.
Yes, I was unsure at first, but I would highly recommend the Naked Investor with the resources it offers. If you’re lucky you might run across 1, maybe 2 people, that completely change your life. Sound corny? The Naked Investor did that for me. You see, I was stuck in that corporate job, waiting for the boss to give me permission to advance. It was a dead end. I am now a full time real estate investor! How sweet is that! Today, I work part time hours, make my own schedule, and receive a greater full time income just doing lease purchasing. I could never thank Michael Carbonare enough. Doing Lease Purchasing the Naked way has completely changed me and my family’s way of life. And for over a decade now I can say “I’m just a kid living the dream.” Thank you MC!