Let’s talk about mentoring and coaching. The decision to hire and work with a mentor should be an easy one. Most every successful person I’ve met, and most every successful person you've read about, credits a large part of that success to an individual who, along the way, took them under their wing and showed them what it takes to be successful in their chosen profession. The savings in time and costly mistakes is invaluable, making a good mentor worth his or her weight in gold.

Knowing that a good mentor can put your career on the fast track, the question you need to ask yourself is not, “Can a mentor help me?”, but rather, “How serious am I about succeeding?” Every individual who contacts me about getting started in real estate investing says they’re serious. Most of them have vast libraries of real estate courses and programs, and they have attended numerous seminars and boot camps, (That flushing sound you hear is their money swooshing down the crapper. Don’t get me started on the worthlessness of these “events”). But the problem with most of these folks is that while they have vast book smarts, they have no street smarts. In other words, they haven’t made the leap from reading and studying about real estate to investing in real estate. Ask yourself if you would rather be admired for your smarts, or well compensated for that same head full of knowledge?

It’s time to put the books down, and to stop flying to various cities for the next “Tell-All, Get-Rich-Quick" seminar and boot camp. The only way to learn this business is by working with a good mentor, personally and One-on-One.
250 people in a room is great for an Italian wedding. But to learn the ins and outs of real estate investing, it’s a recipe for failure. The only one getting rich quick is the wise guy up on stage. The guy with the shiny suit, the obnoxious cologne, the tanning booth skin, and the porcelain veneer smile. Yeah, that guy.

If you are serious and ready to chuck your training wheels, I might be able to help you. I say might because our ideas about what "serious" means may differ. I can impart to you everything you will possibly need to go out and do some lease purchase deals. But if you take that information and do nothing with it, what’s the point? So, please, before you decide to pursue this give it some thought. If this is a whim or a midlife crisis and you discover that now, you'll save money and I'll save time. On the other hand, if you are ready to learn this business and get some deals done, I’ll be more than happy to work with you. Keep in mind I am but one man, and since I work with each student personally and individually, it becomes a time consuming venture. Therefore, I limit the number of students I will work with at any one time to three or four. More than that and I’m unable to devote the time to you that you have paid for. More importantly, there is more money to be made doing deals than talking about doing deals. So I strike a balance between the teaching and educational side of this business, and working on my own deals.

After all this, if you still want to be a real estate investor, (and I hope you do!), read on for the details of my mentoring:

  1. Instruction personally taught by me. When you email me, I respond. When you call me, I pick up the phone. You will be provided with the support and information necessary to learn about Lease Purchase investing: sandwich leases, wholesale and retail assignments, Cooperative Assignments, Pure Options, and more. We will cover it all, from beginning to end, including marketing, paperwork, speaking with homeowners, etc. I assure you that in short order you will know more about lease purchase investing than 95% of every other so called investor out there. This program is about listening, learning, asking questions, doing, and getting results.
  2. All materials provided are included in the cost of my program. This includes a copy of my highly rated manual about Lease Purchasing, The Naked Investor: The Creative Techniques of Lease Purchasing Stripped to the Bare Essentials. Also included are all the contracts and agreements we use every day in our deals. They are the best in the business and protect us and our position in every type of lease purchase deal we do.
  3. There are no additional charges of any kind. I promise you I will never answer your questions with the following: “Great question! And as a matter of fact, that’s covered in my Level Two Program for advanced students. As luck would have it, today we’re having a special deal! Only $10,000 but you must act today!!” Ugh. I promise.
  4. Recommendations on determining the correct course of action suited to your needs and specific locale with immediate implementation.
  5. Unlimited consultation and support via phone, fax, or email on a reasonable as needed basis for one year. I answer my own phone, (unless my teen daughter grabs it first, hoping it’s the latest boy in her life).
  6. I know! I know! “What’s the cost, Michael?” Prepare yourself for sticker shock. . . The cost is only $1,685. But that’s sticker shock in a good way! If you’ve taken a look around the ‘net at what is being offered and the prices being charged, you’ll know what I mean. And if you haven’t done any comparison shopping, I suggest you do. You’ll surely be dumbfounded at the numbers being quoted.
  7. What about FREE mentoring? Did I mention that I will refund the entire cost of the program back to you when you complete your first deal? That’s right! Complete your first deal and I will refund your tuition in full! Beat that deal and I’ll sign on for it myself!

Want to talk? I’m easy to track down: nakedinvestor@gmail.com


I just want to thank you for all your help and coaching! Cannot say enough about your One on One coaching and mentoring. You are always a phone call away and get back to me to help on deals that I am working on. Thanks to you I closed my first lease option deal and made a profit of 1500.00 on this small deal! I know now that I can make as little or as much on these deals as I want with the time I put in! Anyone can call me to ask question about your mentoring program! You have a reasonable cost for your course and mentoring that does not cause the student to go into a big hole like some other courses that I tried and could not get the teacher on the phone like you! Thanks always!


The Naked Investor has done all it promised. I have learned and burned through most of these posts. All my questions are addressed and handled in a professional manner. I have gained residual income and everyday am getting closer to my goals for financial independence. This site is full of great people willing and eager to help. Since I bought the manual my knowledge and income have grown tenfold. It’s the creating something out of nothing that keeps me saying WOW, this is real stuff. Real estate has always been my dream and this has given me the vehicle to do it. Last but not least, making the decision to buy The Naked Investor manual has been priceless to me and well worth what I paid for it.


Michael's coaching has been invaluable. We had already spent over $20k in "education", but we didn't see a single dollar until we got Michael on our team. His counsel on everything from contracts to marketing to speaking with buyers and sellers has led us to tens of thousands in profits (in just the first year!), and best of all, he's always available. Without Michael's mentorship we definitely would have given up and never realized our dream of owning a successful real estate business.

Jennifer & ChristianCA

I've been seeking real estate investor knowledge for years. Most of what I find is full of hype or sales pitches to sell more products. Michael Carbonare does not fill his "Naked Investor" course with fluff nor does he promise "pie in the sky sales pitches." What he does offer is a no nonsense approach to lease options that is understandable by anyone. I went on to purchase his mentor program and have had the pleasure of meeting him in person. He is just a regular guy with a passion for lease options. He is incredibly accessible and approachable and wants to help you do what it takes to help you succeed. If you are looking for a no nonsense approach to understanding and putting into practice the business of lease options, his manual is a wonderful starting point. If you are looking for advanced training/mentoring, you couldn't pick a nicer guy to hold your hand every step of the way.


Before I discovered the Naked Investor I had maxed out the number of rental properties I could buy using bank loans. I hit the wall. I knew there had to be a better, more creative way to obtain investment properties with no money down, using none of my own credit, and no banks; but I really didn’t know how. Lease Purchasing sounded good, but I only knew enough to be dangerous. That was well over 10+ years ago when I joined the Forum and purchased the Naked Investor Manual, and nothing has been the same since. In fact, I was laid off my corporate job 6 years ago and was forced to become a full time real estate investor. Yes a full timer, doing Lease Purchasing the way I learned from the Naked Investor. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was and still am today totally excited about what I do and the freedom I have every single day.
The Naked Investor and Michael Carbonare is like a partner in your business. If I would get stuck on what to do next, or have a question, I could go to Michael and receive a straight answer that made sense and worked. Not like some of the unclear opinions you get from other forums out there. This was different, simple, with street smarts. The manual is real world, easily understood and it takes you through every step in the process. It’s like your bible for Lease Purchasing. When starting out, I would keep it on my desk with pages marked to remind me what to say and ask when speaking on the phone. Later it becomes memorized and natural. The agreements and forms have proven to stand up and protect me in my deals. If I had to do it over, I would jump right into the Mentoring program to get Michael’s unique one-on-one training.
Yes, I was unsure at first, but I would highly recommend the Naked Investor with the resources it offers. If you’re lucky you might run across 1, maybe 2 people, that completely change your life. Sound corny? The Naked Investor did that for me. You see, I was stuck in that corporate job, waiting for the boss to give me permission to advance. It was a dead end. I am now a full time real estate investor! How sweet is that! Today, I work part time hours, make my own schedule, and receive a greater full time income just doing lease purchasing. I could never thank Michael Carbonare enough. Doing Lease Purchasing the Naked way has completely changed me and my family’s way of life. And for over a decade now I can say “I’m just a kid living the dream.” Thank you MC!